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Master's programmes

Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems

The Master’s programme in Atmosphere, Climate, and Ecosystems adds resources to the understanding of and solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It provides you with the opportunity to study the complex global system made up of the atmosphere, climate, and ecosystems, and the related global challenges.


During the Master’s programme in Ecotoxicology you will obtain the skills necessary to identify problems related to the presence of toxic chemicals in the environment, develop appropriate problem-solving strategies and learn modern experimental techniques. You will also learn about the bigger societal context in which ecotoxicology operates.

Earth Sciences

As a student of the Master's programme in Earth Sciences, you will deepen your understanding of our planet through advanced courses and an in-depth research project. Three profile areas help you define your specialization: Environmental and applied geology, Bedrock geology and Physical geography and climatology.

Environmental Sciences

As a student of the Master’s programme in Environmental Science, you will gain in-depth knowledge and competence regarding all aspects of environmental problems (causes, emissions, impacts, and mitigation measures), and how those aspects interact. You will be prepared to work as an environmental expert, working towards a sustainable future.


Our Master’s programme in Geography combines physical and human geography to explore geography’s role in modern society. Whether you’re interested in Geographical Information Systems, human rights, climate change, or city planning and resource distribution, you will develop the skills necessary to address future challenges with this modern science.

Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources

This Nordic Master’s programme offers a deep and coherent integration of biological, environmental, social, legal, and spatial planning aspects of sustainable production and utilization of marine bio-resources collaboratively by four Nordic universities.

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Climate and Sustainability