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University of Gothenburg

About us

The Senior Academy at the University of Gothenburg is a non-profit association of retired professors with previous or current scientific activities at universities / colleges in Gothenburg. The senior academy was founded in 2004, but was preceded by activities under the name of the "Senior Pool".

The purpose of the Senior Academy is:

  • to be a meeting place for academic seniors and promote their cross-disciplinary interests and needs for collegial togetherness. The association thus arranges regular meetings with elements of lectures (by both members and guests), learned conversations, information and debate about the university's continued development and flashbacks to its history.
  • to be a knowledge resource - for both the students at the university and for an interested public - and to participate in various lecture activities.
  • to offer mentorship to students at the university, both at undergraduate and doctoral level. The seniors are rich in experience and time and have no power territory to guard.
  • to work to ensure that valuable documentation about the university's activities is not lost, to establish a science-historical film archive, which contains video documentation of researchers' life work and many years of experience in various subject areas, and to clarify the activities that emeriti engaged in after retirement.
  •     to finance their activities through membership fees and external grants.