Caption: Compilation of newspaper items and Russian covers of Swedish literary titles

What is “Swedish” in Swedish literature? Publication, marketing and reception of Swedish literature in Russia.

Research project
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3150000 SEK
Project period
2020 - 2023
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Department of Languages and Literatures

Short description

Despite the current political friction between Russia and the West, there seems generally to be an appreciation for Sweden among Russians. Interestingly, two recent polls by the Russian Levada center mention Swedish literature as one of the main factors contributing to this esteem. It is therefore relevant to analyze both which Swedish literature is published in Russia and how Sweden is represented in the Russian reception of Swedish literature. The project consists of two stages of which the fist aims at producing a database of literary translations from Swedish into Russian 1946–2000. The database will not only make it possible to draw conclusions regarding publication patterns and trends, but also function as a point of departure for the second stage of the project, which focuses on the reception of Swedish literature in Russia.