West Sweden Asthma Study – clinical epidemiology on asthma and allergies

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Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, Krefting Research Centre

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Asthma and allergies are among the major public health diseases. The research project studies the prevalence and clinical characteristics of asthma and allergies in a population setting. The West Sweden Asthma Study started in 2008 and includes both postal surveys and in-depth clinical investigations and structured interviews. The study includes several different groups of participants that are followed over time. Particular focus is currently on studies of severe asthma and the impact of sex hormones on asthma. We are also working on linking data that we have collected with data from different registers. Within the project, we have our own research clinic with specially trained research nurses and biomedical analysts who meet hundreds of participants every year in the various projects which are conducted at Krefting Research Centre.

Since the start of the West Sweden Asthma Study, close to 100 scientific papers have been published. We have been able to show that the use of asthma medication is five-fold since the 1990s, but that compliance is often low, that many asthmatics do not have adequate control over their illness and that the protection they get from allergies by growing up on a farm remains throughout life. Read more about our main research findings and see our key publications below.

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Hannu Kankaanranta – professor, MD

Linda Ekerljung – associate professor

Bright Nwaru –Associate Senior Lecturer

Rani Basna – post doc, statistician

Eivind Borna – PhD student, MD

Adina Weisheit – PhD student, MD

Lina Rönnebjerg – PhD student, registered nurse

Guo-Qiang Zhang – PhD student,  MD

Muwada Bashir Awad Bashir - PhD student, MD