Äldre bild av postgatan (då sillgatan)
Postgatan (då Sillgatan) 1888
Photo: Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Visualisation Västra Nordstan

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GPS400: Centrum för samverkande visuell forskning

Short description

The overall aim of the project is to compile archive, photographic and film material that forms the basis for new forms of visual knowledge mediation and knowledge production concerning Västra Nordstan. The project will include activities that illustrate and present this urban district and its history, such as exhibitions, illustrations, publications, talks, seminars and workshops, along with innovative digital technology.

The purpose is also to increase interest in and awareness of Västra Nordstan’s unique assets among the people of Gothenburg, visitors, researchers, teachers, students, businesses and organisations, all based around the keywords sustainability, innovation and tradition. The local collaborative partners are the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg and Higab. Institutions that hold national archives, such as the National Library of Sweden, the Swedish Film Institute, Sveriges Television AB and the Swedish National Archives, will contribute by digitalising and making available empirical source material.