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Temporary employees' establishment opportunities in the Swedish labor market

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
3 512 500
Project period
2014 - 2017
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Forte: The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

Short description

A temporary employment is often referred to as an atypical form of employment. For young people, however, it is rather a typical form of employment, more than half of all workers in the age group 15-24 are temporary employees. An important societal issue is then how temporary this work situation is and whether the fixed-term employment is "meritorious" to get a permanent job. The purpose of the project applied for here is to investigate whether and, if so, under what conditions a fixed-term employment constitutes a step towards an establishment in the Swedish labor market. By establishment we mean obtaining permanent income from gainful employment without periods of unemployment. Special focus in the project is placed on what enables or hinders an establishment and how these opportunities have changed over time.

In addition, we want to examine which sequences of paths towards an establishment in the labor market are most advantageous for the unemployed, for example, is it better to have a longer unemployment period to end up in a permanent contract directly than to have a fixed-term contract as an intermediate step? The project will use data from the Labor Force Surveys (LFS) between the years 1992 and 2011. To LFS data, we link register data from Statistics Sweden's longitudinal integration database for Health Insurance and Labor Market Studies (LISA) to individuals both before and after the measurements in LFS.