Aktiviteter inom projektet SMAK

Smart Food from Ocean to Kitchen- SMAK (taste)

Research project

Short description

The overall goal of "SMAK" (taste) is to communicate and integrate the results of SWEMARC's research into everyday life, in order to create a greater understanding of the necessity of sustainable aquaculture in a future sustainable production of nutritious food.

One vision is to train ambassadors within the public (eg school kitchens, food managers, purchasers, students and school teachers) and commercial (eg restaurant) meal sectors to reach the "whole" public. Thereby also influence the food choices in the private meals (at home) promoting the healthy aspects of seafood.

Further development training on public meals (how can we make room for more sustainably grown seafood in the school kitchens) will be offered to school's kitchen staff and food managers as well as pedagogical staff.

Students can take part in exhibitions and read fact sheets about aquaculture, as well as building their own aquaculture system and grow their own fish. The pedagogical model is introduced in primary school (year 8), "Build your own Akvaponi". This will be done in collaboration with Niklas Wennberg from the aquaculture company Stadsjord. SMAK will engage pedagogical staff and students in 1-3 schools from different catchment areas in Gothenburg in a learning project where students will build and maintain their own fish farm combined with growing vegetables in a circular system.