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Photo: Shutterstock: Montri Nipitvittaya

Sharing Cities Sweden

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2017 - 2020
Project owner
Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Handelshögskolan

Short description

Sharing Cities Sweden aims to put Sweden on the map as a country that actively and critically works with the sharing economy in cities. It is a national program with a budget of 12 million euro over 4 years. Sharing Cities Sweden is a part of Viable Cities - a strategic innovation program for smart and sustainable cities.
The objectives of the program are to develop world-leading test-beds for the sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå as well as develop a national node to significantly improve national and international cooperation and promote an exchange of experience on sharing cities.
Sharing Cities Sweden launched strategic projects to investigate the emerging sharing economy in cities in Sweden and support the activities of the test-beds and national node. The strategic projects cover the topics of digital plat