Self-assessment of learning: The case of language, SALL

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2002 - 2005
Project owner
The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

The Swedish Research Council

Short description

This research project aims to increase our knowledge of the results with which language students may make independent assessments of their attained language ability levels and their ongoing language learning.

About the project

On the basis of recent research on metacognitive functions in language learning we investigate, for instance, the extent to which students may develop their ability to make such self-assessments, from a validity point of view, and in what ways teaching and learning strategies can be adapted in order to promote valid and practical student self-assessment.

The empirical phase of the project involves field work with groups of students at upper secondary school level using self-assessment materials and instruments as integral parts of the students' regular course work. Evaluation of outcomes is based on both classroom teacher ratings and external measurement by means of standardised tests, as well as on student self-assessments in both oral and written form. Researchers monitor all activities and provide guidance and feedback as appropriate. Additional data is gathered by means of observation and interview techniques.


Project group

Mats Oscarson, Professor, Project Co-ordinator

Anne Dragemark, Research Associate

Claes-Göran Wenestam, Professor


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