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Photo: Timon Studler

Organizing Integration

Research group
Active research
Project size
18 000 000
Project period
2017 - ongoing
Project owner
Andreas Diedrich

Short description

The program examines the challenges and opportunities created by novel initiatives to support labour market integration of foreign-born persons in Sweden – including the problems of coordination between initiatives. Focusing on both top-down and bottom-up initiatives, the program will investigate the following issues:
What ideas of integration give rise to and are promoted by the contemporary integration initiatives?How is the labour market integration of foreign-born persons organised in practice? That is, which organisations, groups and individuals become enrolled in integration activities, how do they react to the integration initiatives, and what do they do?
What are the effects of integration initiatives – on foreign-born persons' lives, and on their labour market integration in terms of diversity, gender and power relations?

Participating in the project

Sara Brorström
Barbara Czarniawska
Andreas Diedrich
Emma Ek Österberg
Hanna Hellgren
Eva Maria Jernsand
Helena Kraff
Vedran Omanovic
Maria-José Zapata Campos
Patrik Zapata
Quang Evansluong
Sara Glännefors