Roger Olofsson Bagge receives the Prize from the Chair of the Swedish Surgical Society, Catharina Ihre-Lundgren
Roger Olofsson Bagge receives the Prize from the Chair of the Swedish Surgical Society, Catharina Ihre-Lundgren
Photo: Foto: Per Lindnér

Olofsson Bagge wins “Great Research Prize”


This week, Roger Olofsson Bagge received the Swedish Surgical Society’s “Great Surgical Research Prize”. The primary reason for the award is his work on malignant melanoma, in which he focused on translational research and initiated clinical studies based on his results from the lab.

This is the Society’s most prestigious prize,1 awarded to a researcher in clinical sciences for work with a clinical focus.

“This Prize is the greatest honor available to a Swedish surgeon, and that’s my main takeaway from it. Being recognized in this fantastic way, especially while ‘Surgeons’ Week’ is being held in Gothenburg, is something few get the privilege of experiencing. I’m going to spend the prize money on my research, one way or another,” says Roger Olofsson Bagge, Senior Consultant and Docent vid Sahlgrenska Academy and the Institute of Clinical Sciences.2

After the presentation ceremony, he delivered a lecture describing his research, focusing on the background to the clinical studies, but also the various doctoral projects in progress within his research 3

Roger Olofsson Bagge höll efter prisceremonin ett längre tal
After the presentation ceremony, Roger Olofsson Bagge held a fairly long lecture.
Photo: Foto: Per Lindnér

How did you celebrate?

 “Last night I was invited to a magnificent dinner by the board of the Swedish Surgical Society, and this morning I’ve continued to receive congratulations from near and far.”

Earlier this year, Roger Olofsson Bagge received another prestigious grant. On that occasion it was from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), for his research on combination therapy for metastases of eye melanoma.4

Selection procedure

Ahead of every annual award, each of the six Swedish regions nominates two or three researchers, one of whom is selected as the regional winner. One of the six regional winners is then chosen as the Great Prize winner, who receives SEK 250,000 and the honor. The Prize, which cannot be won by a single researcher more than once, is presented at the annual Surgeons’ Week. In 2021 this Week was held in Gothenburg August 23–27, largely in digital form.



1. The “Great Surgical Research Prize” is the Swedish Surgical Society’s major prize for researchers. (More information, in Swedish
2. Roger Olofsson Bagge is Head of Breast and Melanoma Surgery, and also Director of the Sahlgrenska Breast Cancer Center, at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

3. The Roger Olofsson Bagge Group

4. The 2021 AACR-Ocular Melanoma Foundation Career Development Award, in honor of Robert C. Allen, MD