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Neurotoxicity in cancer survivors

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

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Thanks to improved treatment strategies in the fight against cancer in the brain, we now see an increase in long-term survivors. The price for survival is however high and the survivors have a life-time to repay. Cognition is one of the most important brain functions that is impaired, mainly by cranial radiotherapy. The mechanisms leading to the cognitive decline is not fully understood, as well as how it can be prevented. Our group is studying different radiation-induced side effects with the overall goal of reducing the prevalence and severity of brain dysfunction.

Our continued work includes both clinical and preclinical studies. For example, can biomarkers be used to foresee the individual’s path toward a chronic neurodegenerative state following cranial radiotherapy?


Marie Kalm, associate professor, principal investigator

Yohanna Eriksson, doctoral student (pre clinical)
Erik Fernström, doctoral student (clinical)
Lindsay Zentveld Einarsson, biomedical scientist
Rita Grandér, biomedical scientist