NAS — National Assessment of Schools

Research project
Inactive research
Project owner
The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

Short description

National evaluation of the subject English in school.

About the project

On commission from the National Agency for Education (previously the National Board of Education) a number of projects focusing on achieved syllabus goals in foreign languages (incl. English) have been carried out in our research environment. Since 1989 we have been involved in the framework of the following national efforts: NU89, NU92, UG95, US98, NU03. The works comprise studies of students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes and teachers’, school leaders’, parents’, etc. views on and assessments of school activities and their outcomes. In the latest assessment (NU03), besides an estimate of achieved objectives in 2003, a comparison was also made with the corresponding degree of goal achievement in 1992 (measured with the same instruments). The aim was to study trends in the development of compulsory schools.

Project team

Mats Oscarson, Project leader

Britt Marie Apelgren