Medicinsk personal med en betatronkanon. 70-tal
Gothenburg 1972-02-25 - Östra Sjukhuset - Professor Gustaf Notter with a betatron canon

Medical mediation: Gothenburg’s filmic medical history

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Inactive research
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GPS400: Centrum för samverkande visuell forskning

IngaBritt och Arne Lundbergs Forskningsstiftelse samt övriga deltagande parter

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The project’s long-term aim is to create a national and searchable database of Swedish mediated medical history. The first phase involves cataloguing and utilising the unique material held by the Museum of Medical History in Gothenburg. The database and the material not subject to copyright or confidentiality will be made available via a project website. In addition, digitalising and then storing the original in the National Library of Sweden’s film archive will increase the opportunities to share and provide access to Gothenburg’s unique cultural heritage in the field of medical history.