Media talk and political interviews

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A significant part of my research in recent years has focused on different forms of talk and interaction in the media. I have a particular interest in political interviews. This research is based on discourse and conversation analyses and for example Erving Goffmans approach to social interaction.

Micro analyses of talk and interaction are conducted in order to deepen our knowledge about: the organization and performance of talk in different media genres; forms of audience address and involvement; practices of journalism and the orientation to norms in public discourse; the mediatization of politics and how relations between journalism and politics are organized and negotiated in the media.

This research is conducted partly in collaboration with colleagues in the Ross Priory Broadcast Talk group.

Recent publications include:

  • Media Talk and Political Elections in Europe and America (with A Tolson; Palgrave, 2013)
  • “Live co-produced news: emerging forms of news production and presentation on the web”, (with G Eriksson and Å Kroon Lundell, Media, Culture and Society, accepted for publication).
  • “Groundhog day: Extended Repetitions in Political News Interviews” (with R Fitzgerald in Journalism Studies, accepted for publication)
  • “Biased interrogations?” (with G Eriksson, B Johansson and P Wikström in Journalism Studies 2012)
  • “Gaze work in political media interviews” (Discourse and Communication 2012)
  • Talking Politics in Broadcast Media (with M Patrona; Benjamins 2011)
  • “Beyond the broadcast news interview: Specialized forms of interviewing in the making of television news” (with Åsa Kroon Lundell in Journalism Studies 2011)
  • “The joint construction of a journalistic expert identity in studio interactions between journalists on TV news”, (with Åsa Kroon Lundell in Text and Talk 2011)