Local initiatives for integration through intercultural bridge building: A comparative analysis of theories of change in integration projects in local communities

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1 615 000
Project period
2017 - 2019
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Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

The purpose of the project was to develop knowledge about the theories of change that underlie programs using a dialog approach to bridge gaps in worldviews and norms, support relevant insights and knowledge acquisition and support empowerment among immigrants who live on the margin of the host society. Case studies were made of 6 programs in Stockholm, Gothenburg and South Sweden. 18 types of challenges that program leaders might encounter were identified. Using program theory and adult development frameworks 72 practices were identified, along with a large number of theories of change, used by program leaders in order to build trust, create an open dialog climate and scaffold empowerment. The results of the project are of particular relevance for practitioners using dialog to bridge large differences in meaning-making systems.