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Mosque, Al Hamriya, Muscat, Oman
Mosque, Al Hamriya, Muscat, Oman
Photo: Anfal Shamsudeen, Unsplash

Governance Under Decentralization: Oman And In The Arab Region

Research project
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3 302 652
Project period
2019 - 2021
Project owner
Department of Political Science

Short description

This two-year study of Omani governance under decentralization seeks to better understand the many challenges facing the decentralization process in transitioning states. The study will employ a multi-method approach to explore the challenges to and potential impacts of decentralization. The goal is not only to expand our understanding of decentralization in the Omani context, but also to establish sustainable scholarly and policy-relevant networks and dialogues around these issues. As part of this project, we thus engages scholars, policy experts and officials from Oman and elsewhere in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.


Lust, Ellen; Kao, Kristen; Weiss, Chagai; Shalaby, Marwa; Vollmann, Erik; Bergh, Sylvia I., Karmel, Ezra; Bohn, Miriam; Kherigi, Intissar and Kadirbeyoglu, Zeynep. (2020). The Dynamics of Decentralization in the MENA: Processes, Outcomes, and Obstacles. The Program on Governance and Local Development Working Paper No. 31, University of Gothenburg.

Worrall, James. (2020). Power and Process: Decentralisation in Oman. The Program on Governance and Local Development Working Paper No. 32, University of Gothenburg.