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Fire exposed secondary schools: causes, preventive factors and effective countermeasures

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
1 041 161
Project period
2013 - 2015
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

Schools are among the buildings that are most often exposed to fire installations, and in Sweden, fires in major high school schools in larger cities are particularly common. A starting point of the project is that schools are not only exposed to school fires, but are also important preventive arenas and actors. The project studied 20 particularly fire-prone upper secondary schools, half of which are located in Gothenburg and half in Malmö. The period examined is 2004-2013.

The project contributes to a deeper understanding of school fires, their local context, problem pictures, and the importance of different forms of action. The project addresses and concretises a variety of measures - social, situational and structural - of relevance for safety and security work in schools.