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Exploring long-term academic engagement between firms and university scientists, within engineering sciences

Research project
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Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Economy and Society

Financed by Maureen McKelvey's Research Programme: “Knowledge- intensive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Transforming society through knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship”, VR DNR 2017–03360. Swedish Research Council Distinguished Professor’s Programme.

Short description

This Ph.D. dissertation explores the long-term attributes of academic engagement between firms and university scientists within engineering sciences, by using quantitative methods to explore the antecedents and outcomes of knowledge networks. The purpose is to explain why specific individuals, working respectively in firms/universities, continue to interact with each other at the individual level – and at the level of the respective organization - over a longer period of time, and what implications that has. The reason for explicitly using knowledge networks (theory and methodology) is that they stress the importance of structure, nodes, and relational properties, which can be applied to the context of academic engagement.

Doctoral student: Viktor Ström
Supervisor: Maureen McKelvey
Assistant supervisor: Ethan Gifford