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Empowering Cities of Migration: new methods for citizen involvement and socio-spatial integration (EMPOWER).

Research project
Active research
Project size
845 146
Project period
2020 - 2022
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

The project EMPOWER is a collaboration between universities, research institutes, local authorities, urban and housing planners and civil society organisations in Sweden (Gothenburg), England (Birmingham) and Germany (Bochum). The overall aim is to establish a new International Community of Practice and a Theory of Change to more effectively engage and empower citizens in cities and neighbourhoods experiencing population change, socio- spatial segregation and housing challenges. We build on previous research and networks to empower citizens to work with migrant-focused NGOs, housing organisations and urban planners in co-designing new gender-aware approaches for housing and integration in urban areas.

The EMPOWER project recruits, trains and upskills a European network of Community Researchers, with local knowledge of diverse neighbourhoods in order to develop a better understanding of migrants’ experiences of and strategies for integration in their own localities. The project will facilitate better gender aware methods and knowledge for integration through engaging migrant women in shaping service provision.

The EMPOWER project brings together previous research on citizens’ involvement in civil society, on co-producing housing and community health solutions, participatory approaches to migrant and stakeholder engagement and on research exploring the nature and location of accommodation for new and permanently settled migrants. EMPOWER responds to the UN goals of sustainable cities and communities.