EBAFLS – Building a European Bank of Anchor Items for Foreign Language Skills

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2004 - 2007
Project owner
The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

The Swedish National Agency for Education, Department of Education

Short description

Sweden (National Agency for Education and the GU Language and Literature Unit) are collaborating with seven other European countries in the EBAFLS Project, whose purpose is to create a bank of anchor items based on the levels in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The aim

The aim is for the items, which originate in the participating countries, to be put to use in increasing the comparability of language skills in different countries. In the present project, receptive skills in English, French, and German are in focus. The targeted level is B1 in CEFR, which roughly corresponds to Stage 4 in Swedish syllabuses.


France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Hungary


Cito, Netherlands

Projectgroup SoL

Gudrun Erickson, Project leader, Kerstin Häggström, Margaretha Sinclair, Ragnhild Wedlin

Contact at SoL
Gudrun Erickson,

Contact at the Swedish National Agency for Education
Tommy Lagergren