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Dissertation project: The conflict between old and new work content in HR work; A longitudinal qualitative study of the HR function in a global industrial organization

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Department of Sociology and Work Science

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Research aim; To investigate the effects of the implementation of HRT over time in terms of HR work and professional status, as well as conflicts of interest for the HR function's ambitions, assignments and changed working methods in relation to line-managers' work methods and leadership challenges.
Study design; A qualitative long-term case study within a global industrial company group's Swedish HR function.
The collection of empirics has been done in two steps. In 2007, through participatory observation in five two-day training sessions for future Human Resources Business Partners. In 2017/2018 through interviewing and shadowing HR Business Partners and line-managers, as well as HR managers within the global HR function on HR's work, practice and tools, as well as studies of relevant documents such as leadership documents etc.