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Research project
Active research
Project size
19 069 000
Project period
2021 - 2024
Project owner
Technische Universität Ilmenau and the German Federal Institute of Risk Assessment (BfR).

Short description

DECIHPER is an international research project that will investigate how authorities and the media in seven different countries have affected people's ability to protect themselves against COVID-19 to be better prepared for the next crisis.

Researchers from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States will analyze and compare risk and crisis communication from government agencies and the media in seven countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor Bengt Johansson at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG), University of Gothenburg, is the Swedish representative in DECIPHER. He is a visiting professor at the University of Ilmenau, Germany, who runs the project.

He is also one of eight Mercator Fellows in DECIPHER. They will partly contribute their expertise on the development of the pandemic in their respective countries, and partly as experts in risk and crisis communication help with everything from research design to publishing research.