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Svensk cybersäkerhet – hur påverkar det relationerna mellan stat och medborgare?
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Cybersecurity and the politics of responsibility: Renegotiations of state-citizen relations in a digital democracy

Research project
Active research
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4 782 000
Project period
2023 - 2025
Project owner
Uppsala universitet och Gothenburg Research Institute på Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet

Short description

The complex, unbounded, decentralized, and deterritorialized nature of the Internet places the problem of responsibility at the center of global and national cybersecurity debates.
This project studies the politics of responsibility in cybersecurity discourse, analyzing how policies of cybersecurity re-negotiate roles and responsibilities in society at large, including state-citizen relations. Empirically, the project conducts a detailed, systematic, and critical analysis of how responsibility in cybersecurity discourse is conceptualized, attributed, and acted upon across the many different levels and actors engaged in Swedish government cybersecurity discourse, including cybersecurity strategies of Sweden’s international partner countries, national policies, parliamentary debates, and communications of government agencies.