Criminology and the Sociology of Law

Research group
Active research
Project period
2000 - ongoing
Project owner
Institutionen för Sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Short description

Researchers in this group study rule violations and rule monitoring in the broad sense. The group is a venue for researchers interested in both the victims and perpetrators of crime; police organisations and other control functions in society, such as market regulations or local crime prevention and public safety initiatives. Another area of interest is the creation of new rules and how new laws and other forms of social control (norms, morals, mentalities) are established and gain influence in society.

Regardless of the subject being studied: financial crime; police anti-gang initiatives; support to young victims of crime; handling of sexual offences by the legal system; trafficking of women and children; fear of violence; or life as a refugee in hiding, researchers in the group are united by their interest in how social and cultural conditions affect deviance and control in contemporary society.