Climate-tree interactions in urban environments: tree growth, health and cooling effects in a changing climate

Research project
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Project period
2017 - ongoing
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Department of Earth Sciences

Short description

Urban trees provide many services to the society, including urban heat mitigation. However, these services may be limted due to vulnerability of trees to harsh urban growing conditions and ongoing climate change.

The aim of ths project is to analyse tree growth, health and cooling effects in response to different urban growing conditions in two cities with contrasting climates: Gothenburg and Melbourne, Australia. The project provides stakeholders with urgently needed advice on suitable species selection and preferred management practises to maximise the ecosystem benefits and support a management of sustainable and resilient urban forest.

The project brings together multidisciplinary research groups at the University of Gothenburg (Laboratory for Dendrochronology and Urban Climate Group), University of Melbourne (Green Infrastructure Research Group) and Monash University, Australia (Urban Climates Research).