Cockpit Country, Jamaica.
Photo: Marcin Sylwia Ciesielski

Borderline Justice: Between Extraction and Conservation in Cockpit Country, Jamaica

Research project

Short description

The project aims to provide a novel perspective on the convergence of extraction-conservation-justice geographies, by drawing on feminist, posthumanist, decolonial, and border lenses. By using border as method, we depart from the idea that extraction and conservation spaces cannot be seen as separate from each other, least not when they are located side-by-side and are constantly conditioned by one another. Protected areas are often drawn up to allow mining outside their boundaries, and these situations tend to generate massive resistance movements. This is the case in Cockpit Country, Jamaica, where the struggle to ‘Save Cockpit Country’ from bauxite mining is ongoing. We ask how boundary making affects the site's geopolitics and how demarcation processes can be visualized in terms of multispecies justice; with, for and beyond humans.