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3D bioprinting and stem cells in plastic surgery

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Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper

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Stem cells are found in all organs of the body and in several variants and have the function of ensuring that a certain type of tissue can be replaced continuously during life and to contribute to healing of damage to the tissue in question.
A basic characteristic of stem cells is that they can be stimulated to develop into several different tissue types. This makes it possible to get tissues, such as cartilage or skin used in a plastic surgery clinic.
All regenerative medicine needs a source to obtain materials and we have equipment that can extract large amounts of patient-specific fat stem cells out of fat from liposuction. We have stimulated these stem cells to be transformed into cartilage. All in all, we thus have an almost infinite source of patient-specific stem cells that can be used to create patient-specific tissues.

Further researchers in this group

Peter Apelgren, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Plastic Surgery
Matteo Amoroso, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Plastic Surgery
Stina Simonsson, Institute of Biomedicine