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U-GOT KIES workshop on European perspectives on doctoral education and the private sector


To share knowledge on and discuss how Doctoral students and graduates can be an important channel of knowledge transfer between university and industry, Maureen McKelvey, together with Guido Buenstorf, organized the workshop “Doctoral Education and the Private Sector: European Perspectives”. The workshop gathered approximately 50 participants, 11 scientific papers and a highly qualified panel.

Bringing together researchers and industry representatives from different European countries, the workshop provided a platform to exchange ideas about the various formats in which European universities and their industrial partners work together in the field of doctoral education. Doctoral students and graduates can be an important channel of knowledge transfer between university and industry, but little is known about the strengths and weaknesses.

Oscar Llopis
Oscar Llopis

“I really enjoyed all the presentations and discussions at the event. The diversity of studies and perspectives from different European countries (e.g. Italy, Sweden or Germany) was especially enriching to enhance our understanding on the role of industry in doctoral education. In general, the contributions reflected the importance of doctoral programs, PhD students and PhD holders to bridge the science - industry gap, while emphasizing the need to design and promote more targeted public policies to support it. Also, kudos to the organizers. All was smoothly arranged!”

Oscar Llopis, Assistant Professor, University of Valencia

Interaction with the scientific community on many important topics

Topics discussed ranged from: 1) Research on industrial PhD students, 2) career paths for people with a doctorate degree, 3) the role and characteristics of boundary spanners, as well as 4) how collaboration between industry and academia works and 5) implications for public policy.

The workshop gathered more than 50 participants and one of the advantages of a digital workshop was that so many researchers from Europe, UK, Japan and America could participate.

Emma Lappi
Emma Lappi

“I am extremely glad to have participated in the workshop. After what has felt like a long and isolated corona-winter, this workshop felt like an incredible source of fresh air. I found the workshop to be of high quality in terms of the research that was presented, but also the panel discussions. Overall, it was a great opportunity to interact with the scientific community, which is especially important for young scholars like myself.”

Emma Lappi, Post Doctoral Researcher, Jönköping University

Panel of selected public policy and industrial representatives

Selected public policy and industrial representatives from Germany and Sweden were invited to a panel discussion on the theme. They highlighted the importance of investing in knowledge long term and acknowledging the potential challenges for industrial PhDs and supervisors.

Panel participants
Michael Bölker (UniWiND)

Stefan Christiernin (Volvo Cars)
Hadley Coonley (AstraZeneca)
Michael Secinaro (AstraZeneca)
Alfred Hansel (Oncgnostics)
Stefan Krabel (Institut Innovation + Technik)
Johannes Moes (TU Berlin)
Lars Nielsen (Linköping University, Wallenberg WASP and LINK-SIC)
Michael Tonge (AstraZeneca)

More information

The Workshop “Doctoral Education and the Private Sector: European Perspectives" is one outcome of the long-term affiliation of Professor Guido Buenstorf with University of Gothenburg. It was jointly organized by U‐GOT KIES Network for Knowledge‐intensive Innovation Ecosystems (University of Gothenburg) and INCHER‐Kassel (University of Kassel).

Maureen McKelvey:
Guido Bünstorf: