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Time to Reflect on a Chemical-Safe World

Manmade chemistry has had a major impact on human life and the environment for the good and the bad. The hazards and risks due to exposures to chemicals, ubiquitously present in different combinations in the environment and in biota, are threatening life and interrupted the sustainability of life.

Chemicals are not mentioned in a particular Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in the Agenda 2030. In this video, Prof. Åke Bergman addresses chemicals in relation to the complex grid in which they play a role in the development of sustainability. The presentation is related to the majority of the SDGs in which chemicals are of key importance.

Åke Bergman is a Senior professor at Stockholm University, Guest professor at Örebro University and Chair Researcher at Tongji University in Shanghai. Bergman has a broad interdisciplinary approach with focus on organic environmental chemistry with emphasis on persistent organic pollutants and related compounds. He has worked with chemical synthesis, reactivity and analysis, and kinetics of environmental pollutants, and has a long-lasting interest in research on endocrine disrupting chemicals and mixtures of chemicals. He has contributed to the scientific community with more than 500 scientific publications/reports, as PI of many EU and nationally funded research projects and has served in numerous national and international expert groups and review panels.

The seminar was recorded on the 30th of January 2020 at the University of Gothenburg.

Watch the video with Åke Bergman talking about Time to reflect on a chemical-safe world.

The quality of sound in this video is very good, the image is a bit blurry (we apologize for that) but the inserted presentation slides are crystal clear!