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The launch of the University’s new website


You may have noticed that we have made a lot of changes to our website. The University of Gothenburg now has a modern website focused on user needs and expectations.

“Our website is the first interaction most people have with the University, and this is our main face towards to the world. It is important to be visible, and the site serves as a functional and modern meeting place”, says Anna Lindholm, University Director.

You have already seen that looks completely different, both its graphical design and how it is structured. The website is designed to allow visitors like you to more easily find what they are looking for and to effectively do what they want to do.

“As a university, we have many different types of visitors and everyone needs to feel welcomed and be able to find what or who they are looking for”, says Magnus Nielsen, web coordinator at the University of Gothenburg.

Finding your way around

Lots of information has been moved and may not be where you are used to finding it. If you can’t find what you are looking for, try using the new and improved search feature. It will show you programmes, research, news, events, and much more.

In a few weeks, the application period for the 2021 spring semester will open. One new feature for potential applicants is that we have collected all the relevant information in the same place. All of our courses and programmes can now be found under This section also provides advice and guides, lists contact information to study counsellors, and explains what it is like to study in Gothenburg.

A website for many audiences

Comprehensive information about research at the University is available under This section includes articles about our research, and you can also browse information about our research projects.

Are you a journalist? Even though we have made a lot of changes, we still have our press room where you can find press officers, lists of experts, and our latest press releases.

A website can provide lots of information, hopefully everything you need. But sometimes you need to contact someone directly and ask a question. The new site is designed to make it easier for visitors to find the right contact person.

Improves the University’s digital presence

The University of Gothenburg has been working on the new for five years.

“It’s a huge undertaking, and we are thrilled to finally be able to launch it. We would not have had such a successful launch without the hard work and dedicated efforts of both internal and external colleagues,” says Magnus Nielsen.

Magnus feels the launch of a new external website is a big step in improving the University of Gothenburg’s digital presence: “We will continue to invest both time and resources in building a better digital experience for our visitors, staff, and students.”

“The launch has been amazing, and the new website is a big step in improving our digital presence”, concludes Anna Lindholm.

Welcome to the new!