Systems developer with focus on artificial intelligence

Since 1 June Aram Karimi is working for the CDH as a systems developer, mainly with the research infrastructure but also in a number of different research projects.

– We are so happy to have Aram in our team, and she will continue to work part time at CLASP. Of course, we also hope that this will contribute to more collaboration between our activities, says Cecilia Lindhé director at the Centre for Digital Humanities.

Aram Karimi is holding a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and a master in artificial intelligence. Since she came to Sweden three years ago, she has been working at the Department of Philosophy, mostly for CLASP (The Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability) with AI, like analysing texts, and programming.

– I was part of a project where we introduced AI in daily life for children. We developed android programmes and introduced them to face recognition, AR and VR, says Aram Karimi.

Aram Karimi

Moving to Sweden was a big change, but Aram Karimi is very content with living in Gothenburg together with her husband.

– I like to do cycling, it’s so nice to hike around in Gothenburg. In Iran we don’t have bicycle roads and women have to wear hijab.

She had never been to Sweden before moving here, and it was a lot to take in – a new language, a new culture, and a different climate. Coming to Sweden just before the pandemic outbreak was also a challenge for Aram Karimi who is a very social person who appreciate gatherings with friends and family.

– I am also a good chef! When I’m tired, I love to cook. And I read books, mostly about physics and psychology.