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Symposium on typographic landscaping a success

The international symposium on typographic landscaping gathered scholars of linguistics, typography and urban/cultural studies, as well as practitioners of typographic design, visual art and film, for an open dialogue on cultural, ideological, and media-technological aspects of typography. In particular, the papers dealt with how typography is used in the urban landscape in order to construct and contest places, identities, and relations of power.

The symposium was organized by CERGU post-doc Johan Järlehed and realized thanks to a generous grant from the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

The sixteen presentations that were made opened up for an engaged discussion on creativity, ideology, and movement. On how typography and typographic design travel through space and time, both getting influenced by and contributing to the configuration of local contexts, tastes and styles. The typographic landscape emerged as caught by the tension between visibility and invisibility, social order and disorder, standardization and play.

Photo: Sunny lunch pick-nick at Näckrosdammen.