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Recruitment of new pro-vice-chancellor has begun


At its meeting yesterday, Thursday the 16th of February, the University Board decided to commence the recruitment of a new pro-vice-chancellor for the University of Gothenburg. The tenure of the present pro-vice-chancellor, Helena Lindholm, expires on the 30th of June 2017 (simultaneously with that of the vice-chancellor).

While a vice-chancellor is formally appointed by the government, it is the University Board that appoints a pro-vice-chancellor. Otherwise, the recruitment process for a pro-vice-chancellor is largely the same as that for a vice-chancellor. Led by the University Board’s chair, Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, a preparatory group is in charge of our process.

“We hope to be able to recruit a pro-vice-chancellor who, beneficially for the University of Gothenburg, will complement our incoming vice-chancellor,” says Cecilia Schelin Seidegård.

The University’s requirements in respect of the next pro-vice-chancellor demand a profile that goes well with that of the new vice-chancellor. A pro-vice-chancellor is a vice-chancellor’s nearest colleague. This is why a good climate of collaboration and consensus on the University’s development are important. Appointment of a pro-vice-chancellor will thus be in consultation with the vice-chancellor. The mandates of the pro-vice-chancellor and the vice-chancellor start and expire at the same time.

Advertising of the pro-vice-chancellorship begins on the 17th of February. Candidates may also be nominated. The final day for applications/nominations is the 20th of March.

Before the University Board takes a decision, the consultative assembly has the opportunity (in May) to submit its opinions on the candidate(s) proposed by the preparatory group.

The decision on who is to be the new pro-vice-chancellor will be taken by the University Board on the 7th of June. Both the pro-vice-chancellor and the vice-chancellor take up their posts on the 1st of July.