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Pleased guests at the Lovén Centre stations


Three years in a row guests were asked questions about the facilities and services at the Lovén Centre. The purpose of the evaluation is to understand what students and guest researchers appreciate, or are dissatisfied with, and to get suggestions for improvements. Guests have given high reviews during all three years.

During 2015-2017 guests were, prior to departure, asked to evaluate seven parts of infrastructure. These are contact before arrival, lodging, restaurant, labs, ships, lecture halls and IT. Opinions were given anonymously, in a five-grade scale and it was possible to give comments. The inquiry is simple and can be completed in one minute.

Opinions from 125 guests at the Lovén Centre stations Tjärnö and Kristineberg 2017

Examples of comments about restaurant, it, lodging etc.
Examples of comments from guests at Kristineberg and Tjärnö

Average opinions from students and scientists at the two Lovén Centre stations 2015-2017

”The evaluation shows that we are in the top regarding service for research, education and other activities at the stations. Our ambition is to offer a complete environment, where inspiration and curiosity will flourish. I am pleased to see that we seem to succeed”, says one of the two Lovén Centre station managers, Peter Tiselius at Kristineberg.