New season of the podcast series Inside the Box


In September 2019 Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS) and the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg (VKM) introduced the new conversation- and podcast series Inside the Box.
During the fall of 2019 researchers, curators, artists and journalists met to discuss intriguing heritage issues and subject. Now, a continuation is planned for 2020 and the program for the Spring is almost complete.

What can we expect from the new season?
- We believe it will be an exciting collection of conversations and mixed themes that hopefully can attract many listeners, says Rebecka Bergström Bukovinszky and Jenny Högström Berntson, project leaders for Inside the Box.

- We try to pick up subjects that are relevant within the Centre's activities and research areas, and objects and topics that are interesting from the perspective of the Museum of World Culture. The conversation next season about expeditions is highly current since Jonathan Westin (coordinator CCHS/Archives cluster and research coordinator Centre for Digital Humanities) will have returned from a research trip to Antarctica where he together with colleagues will document the old research station with VR technology.

In the spring we will not only discuss “chilly expeditions” but also everything from the Wiphala - the flag that symbolizes the struggle of Latin American indigenous peoples, Congolese heritage and history, food trends, the so called Paracas textiles, and tree hugging and forest bathing for health benefits.

Open conversations at the Museum and podcasts
It is possible to join the conversations as live audience and see the objects discussed during the conversations/recordings at the Museum of World Culture. Last year's conversations drew between 50 to more than 90 people.
- Now that we're starting to get a returning audience, we hope to get at least as many visitors next year, says Rebecka Bergström Bukovinszky.

If you want to listen to the conversations it is open for the public to join. The conversations/ recording takes place every other Thursday 4 pm - 3 pm at the Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg. Please notice that one of the conversations (”Vandring, japanska skogsbad och skog på recept” ) will take place 5:30 pm - 4:30 pm.
Please notice that most of the conversations will be in Swedish.

The podcast series is available at the CCHS website (link below) and also on Itunes, Podcaster, Spotify etc.

The program for Inside the Box Spring 2020

Paracas textiles, the Gothenburg collection
The ongoing Antarctic expedition – in Swedish

Jenny Högström Berntson, project coordinator, Centre for Critical Heritage studies (CCHS),
Rebecka Bergström Bukovinszky, program coordinator, Museum of World Culture,

Photo above, right: Paracas textiles
Photo below: From the first conversation/recording in September 2019