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New CGM study on reception and integration in Gothenburg


On behalf of the City of Gothenburg, CGM has conducted a study on how newly arrived refugees experience the reception and integration activities organised by the City.

The study NEW IN THE CITY: How newly arrived refugees experience reception and integration in the City of Gothenburg, 2015-2017 is written by Kristin Franke Björkman and Andrea Spehar.

The purpose of the study is to explore how the newly arrived population themselves have experienced the reception in the City of Gothenburg, the second largest municipality in Sweden, focusing on housing, education in Swedish for immigrants (sfi), civic orientation, adult education and social services.
In addition, activities for labour market integration are also included, despite primarily being the responsibility of the Public Employment Services (PES).

The study is based on group interviews and individual interviews with refugees that arrived during 2015- 2017.

To give newly arrived refugees a voice in the reception and integration debate has been a key aspect of the study’s purpose and the informants appreciated this opportunity to share their views.

The study will contribute with more nuanced knowledge regarding the newly arrived population’s opinions, experiences and ideas. This knowledge can be used in order to identify how different aspects of the reception and integration process in the City of Gothenburg can be improved and made more efficient.

An English translation is forthcoming.

Download the report here (in Swedish, with a summary in English)