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New centre will help companies phase out hazardous chemicals

The work with chemicals can be hard for many smaller companies, even if most of them want to have safe products without dangerous subjects. The government will therefore set up a new centre to support companies that want to exchange hazardous chemicals in their goods.

The centre till be placed at RISE in Borås and will work as an independent node between companies, organizations, academia, institutions and authorities and will contribute to exchange hazardous substances and chemical products.

– All consumers shall be able to feel assured that the products we buy to our children, the food we eat and the clothes we are wearing are not harmful to us, or to our environment. I think most companies want to do the right thing, but the work with chemicals is difficult and complex. Through the centre the companies are supported in the work to phase out hazardous chemicals, says Karolina Skog, Minister of Environment in a press release.

The government hope the centre will contribute to strengthen Swedish companies competitiveness because smaller companies receive help to develop their work with chemicals.

– More and more people request safe and sustainable products. I think the centre will contribute to strengthen Swedish companies competitiveness and create new opportunities for business, says Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise in the press release.

The government suggest to allocate 7 millions Swedish crowns a year during the years 2018-2020. RISE allocates 5 millions a year and later the goal is for the centre to be self-funding, through member fees from the companies that participate.