Photo of Marie Stenseke

Marie Stenseke on the board of Future Earth Sweden


Marie Stenseke, professor in Human Geography at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, is elected member in the board of The Foundation Future Earth Sweden. Future Earth is a global community for sustainable development, which facilitates research, mobilises networks, sparks innovation, and turns knowledge into action.

Future Earth includes thousands of scientists worldwide, working towards a sustainable global future by developing a deeper understanding of complex Earth systems and human dynamics across disciplines. They are looking closely at the interconnectedness of Earth’s major systems–climate, water, land, ocean, urban, economic, energy, health, biodiversity, and governance systems–and developing evidence-based strategies for global sustainable development. Future Earth Sweden is one of the five offices that make up the organization's secretariat.

- It is both fun and challenging to take a seat in Future Earth Sweden. I have long followed the organization's important and extensive work in various transdisciplinary international programs and initiatives. I look forward to participating in the foundation's work to gain greater commitment to sustainability issues from the research community in Sweden and around the world, and in this also promote collaboration across disciplinary boundaries, says Marie Stenseke.

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