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Lina Bakker - project assistant at IIE


Lina BakkerOriginally from Germany, Lina came to Sweden about 3 years ago to study the Master Programme in Innovation and Industrial Management after having completed her Bachelor studies in the Netherlands. She graduated from Handelshögskolan with a MSc degree in June 2014 , and has since been working as an Innovation Manager for the Volvo Group, thanks to writing her Master Thesis there during the programme.

As a project assistant at the IIE Lina will be gathering data within the Research Project "Radical Innovations for the Enhancement of the Economy", which is lead by Prof. McKelvey and Assoc. Prof. Rick Middel, and financed by the Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture. She will also write an article on the topic of Foresight for Innovation, based on her Master Thesis research, and assist in the Business model innovation workshop at Vetenskapsfestivalen.