Funding to CCHS/MGHF researchers for the project Living (with) things: Consuming, collecting and caring

New funding to Anna Bohlin, Staffan Appelgren, Margareta Persson and Lena Stammarnäs awarded by the Seed Box Environmental Humanities Collaboratory

Living (with) things: Consuming, collecting, and caring
The pilot project Living (with) things brings together researchers and heritage professionals in a cross-disciplinary collaboration that will combine dissemination of research findings, co-production of knowledge through labs, a digital "citizen science" initiative and innovative exhibition design on the theme of every day consumption and its role in environmental degradation and climate change. The result of this scholarly and artistic collaboration will feed directly into the design of a planned 3-year-exhibition at the National Museums of World Culture in Gothenburg and Stockholm, to open in January 2019, while also generating new research.

The overall aim of the exhibition is to rouse motivation and passion for sustainable consumption and lifestyles through multi-sensory interactive design that speaks to body and emotions as much as the intellect. Within this overarching theme, the specific contribution of this project is to address the topic of how we relate to, value, collect and discard everyday objects. In collaborative exchanges, we will produce exhibition content that inspires visitors to explore relations with and between objects from second-hand markets, the museum collection and from everyday consumption contexts. Which objects avoid and resist becoming waste, and why? How do we value and experience objects that are repaired and reused, or pre-owned? What motivates us to form caring relationship to things, and what does it mean to know that they have a "before" and an "after" our particular phase of owning or using them?

The project team for Living (with) things is Anna Bohlin and Staffan Appelgren social anthropologists, University of Gothenburg, educational officer Margareta Persson (NMWC) and exhibition producer Lena Stammarnäs (NMWC).

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