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Fruitful meeting with FRAM's Advisory Board

On the 12-13th of May, FRAM’s Steering Committee and Advisory Board gathered in Gothenburg for their first meeting. The meeting focused on introducing and setting the scene for FRAM, the Centre for Future Chemical Risk Assessment and Management Strategies, and on establishing a fruitful cooperation with the Advisory Board.

The main aim of the meeting was for the Steering Committee to receive advice on how the FRAM Centre could work towards developing tools for achieving a non-toxic environment, and how the knowledge from the various involved disciplines (environmental economics & law, (eco)toxicology, risk assessment, environmental chemistry, statistics and environmental policy) could be merged in the most productive way.

The FRAM director Thomas Backhaus was enthusiastic after the meeting;

I honestly think the meeting was highly productive, lots of interesting discussions and thoughts. This provides a great starting point for now consolidating our conceptual approaches and then applying them in our case studies.

Gunilla Ericsson (KemI), Ethel Forsberg (author and formerly KemI), Anna Lennquist (ChemSec), Leo Posthuma (RIVM, The Netherlands) and Martin Scheringer (ETH Zürich) participated as members of the Advisory Board. Achim Halpaab, UNEP’s head of the Chemicals and Waste Branch participated via videolink. Participants from the FRAM Steering Committee were Sverker Molander, Daniel Slunge, Martin Hassellöv, Jessica Coria, Thomas Backhaus, Erik Kristiansson, Jessica Coria, Thomas Sterner and Åsa Arrhenius.

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