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FRAM Mid-term review

Good results for the FRAM Centre in the mid-term review

The FRAM Centre is a result of the UGOT Challenges, a six-year investment in multi-disciplinary research centers that the University of Gothenburg started in 2016. The centers recently went through a mid-term review and we are happy to have received good results in the review process by external reviewers.

Some comments from our reviewers;
“FRAM has a clear focus to work with solutions for reducing chemical risks.”
“FRAM has developed a visible public face through social media, its web page and its activities such as seminar series.”
“The team is clearly “action-directed” spending most of their time to carry out the necessary research and at the same time communicating with the general public and decision makers.”
“I think the Centre is within reach of significant public impact if it can continue its momentum.”

We find these positive comments valuable and encouraging and will make our best to live up the expectations the coming three years.

For further information, contact the center director Thomas Backhaus or the coordinator Åsa Arrhenius.