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Exchange students are now leaving Hong Kong


During Wednesday, the University of Gothenburg recommended its 25 exchange students in Hong Kong to prepare to go home. Three of the University’s partner institutions have now informed that they have cancelled all classes during the rest of the semester, and that the security situation, especially nearby the universities, has become significantly worse.

During the last few days, all of the 25 students have replied that they received the information and that they, considering the situation, are okay. The have been asked to keep the University informed about their travelling plans, and if the situation changes. Before the students left campus, many witnessed a situation where the demonstrators had built a barricade of bricks and furniture against the Police. The Police then responded with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets.

Most of the students are in hotels in the city, others are already heading home towards Sweden, or have flown to neighbouring countries.

“It’s good to know that we’ve reached all of our students, and that they have received information about how to get home. Our students’ security is our top priority,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg.

Working on solutions to complete exams

Many students have asked how this situation could be managed with regards to potentially late reports of grades, unfinished courses, etc.

“We will work together with our partner universities to find a solution for our students’ continuous studies”, says Eva Wiberg.

Several of the partner universities already today offer education online, where the evacuated students can participate. Other universities have also confirmed that they are working on solutions where the students can do their exams and assignments online.