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Editorial highlights results from GPCC study on person-centred resistance training for persons suffering from Fibromyalgia


A recently published article from a GPCC study, evaluating the effects of resistance training for persons with Fibromyalgia, was highlighted in the Editorial in Arthritis Research & Therapy.

Referring to the GPCC study as the latest evidence, Editor KD Jones writes as follows:

It may seem counter-intuitive to purposely stress muscle in patients who have muscle pain. However, a growing body of evidence challenges the assumption that resistance (strength) training worsens muscle pain in people with fibromyalgia (FM). In fact, the latest evidence indicates that when resistance training is tailored to individual needs, people with FM can obtain worthwhile improvements in FM severity. Clinicians need a deeper understanding of how resistance training helps people with FM, so as to prescribe more specific, personalized resistance training to their patients.

Click here to go to the Editorial in Arthritis Research & Therapy: Recommendations for resistance training in patients with fibromyalgia.

Click here to read the article it refers to: Larsson A, Palstam A, Löfgren M, Ernberg M, Bjersing J, Bileviciute-Ljungar I, Gerdle B, Kosek E, Mannerkorpi K. Resistance exercise improves muscle function, health status and pain intensity in fibromyalgia – a randomized controlled trial. Arthritis Res Ther 2015;17:161.

Click here to go to the GPCC study Resistance exercise for persons with Fibromyalgia.