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Difficult cancer case solved with new analytical methods and animal model tailored to the individual


Through multidisciplinary collaboration, cancer researchers at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Sahlgrenska Academy and doctors at Sahlgrenska University Hospital have solved a case that was difficult to diagnose. The analytical methods employed probably can be used almost immediately for patients lacking a correct cancer diagnosis.

A difficult cancer case at Sahlgrenska University Hospital was taken on by researchers at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center and Sahlgrenska Academy as well as medical doctors at Sahlgrenska University Hopsital, all from several disciplines.

Surgeon Roger Olofsson Bagge and pathologist Akif Demir cooperated with the research groups of Jonas Nilsson, Göran Stenman and Ola Nilsson Wassen at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center as well as with Erik Lekholm research group at Sahlgrenska Academy.

All contributed with their expertise in order to get an understanding of the found cancer form which was difficult to diagnose. The research collaboration resulted in a publication in the Journal of Clinical Oncology – Precision Oncology, where Joakim Karlsson, Roger Olofsson Bagge and Akif Demir all are joint co-lead authors.

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