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Work by Emelie Höcks

Design students explore slow design in degree exhibition


From 19 April to 2 May, four graduating students from MFA Design at HDK-Valand show their projects at the Templet in Gothenburg. The exhibition Mono No Aware is a temporary exhibition that explores slow design, sensory architecture and circular design processes.

Mono No Aware is a Japanese term that translates as “an empathy toward things” or “sensitivity to ephemera”. The spatial concept draws inspiration from Japanese Zen Gardens, a place associated with emotional calmness and rest for the mind, needs that are increasing in our stressful and consumption driven lives.

Sound, smells and tactility are used as important elements in the spatial design that explores the designers role in making affective atmospheres and examines both immaterial and physical aspects of our perception of space.

Through material research, sculptures and furnitures, created out of food waste and material from the human body, the exhibition shows how we humans are a part of nature and lives in a complex symbioses with the world around us.

Participating designers: Petra Högström, Emeli Höcks, Carolina Härdh, John Wattström