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Decision from SAN on case of research misconduct


The National Disciplinary Offences Board (Statens ansvarsnämnd, SAN), now has examined a request for dismissal of a Professor at the University of Gothenburg. SAN has decided to dismiss (write off) the case without further measures.

On June 26 Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg decided that the professor was guilty of research misconduct. At the same time, a labor law process was initiated against the professor, and the Vice-Chancellor asked the National Disciplinary Offences Board (SAN) to examine a request for dismissal.

SAN now has examined the request and today, December 21 informed the University of Gothenburg of their decision. SAN does not find adequate grounds for dismissal and rejects (writes off) the case.

– I note that SAN doesn´t share our point of view. I will now carefully read their decision and arguments, says Eva Wiberg.

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