Clarification of the purpose behind the series "In the mind of a party strategist"

This autumn, the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) has presented a series of talks "In the mind of a party strategist", where strategists from all parties represented in the Swedish parliament have been invited to talk about their experiences with political and strategic communication. The last planned talk in the series has resulted in criticism and a petition has been published in protest against allowing the Sweden Democrats to speak at the University of Gothenburg. JMG hereby wishes to clarify the purpose of the series.

The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) at the University of Gothenburg has this autumn arranged a series of speeches "In the mind of a party strategist". The series is a part of JMG's effort to offer students a professional education that reflects different aspects of society and the changing media landscape.

JMG educates journalists of tomorrow and other professionals who want to work in the field of media, communication, and public opinion. Many of the students will, after their education, work with strategic and political communication in various forms, and the series was arranged with this in mind. A prerequisite for the implementation of the series has been the participation of all parties represented in the Swedish parliament. All speakers have been invited to tell us specifically about their knowledge and experience of working with strategic communication. Every presentation ends with open questions from the audience. Critical questions to the guest on the topic of communication are encouraged.

The series is primarily aimed at students, but are also open to researchers and the public. When guests are invited to this kind of special series, they choose the language. The presentations in this series have been held both in Swedish (5) and in English (3), as there are English speaking students at two international master programmes at the department.

Monica Löfgren Nilsson,
Head of the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication