Carolina Guibentif is awarded a 4-year position grant

Carolina Guibentif at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research (SCCR) is one of the 28 researchers who were granted research positions from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund 2021.

Of the 20 submitted applications for research assistant positions only three were granted, of which one of them was awarded to Carolina Guibentif. This position grant means her research will be fulltime financed by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund for 4 years, together with an operating grant of SEK 2 million. The title of the granted research project is “Single-cell genomics of mammalian developmental hematopoiesis - towards in vitro modelling of childhood leukemia.”

With this position grant and approximately SEK 3.4 million of project funds secured over this last year, this gives Carolina the opportunity to start her own research group at SCCR.

Visit Carolina Guibentif’s research group website to read more about her research.

See the full list of awarded research position grants (TJ2021) from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Swedish only).